24 Mar 2020 12:14:19
Been watching some crazy fights this morning like when the fan man arrived in Bowe vs Holyfield 2, Golata causing a riot after repeatedly hitting Bowe below the belt or McCall breaking down against Lewis anyone recommend any old crazy fights to watch? If yous get the chance go on YouTube and search for Marvin jones vs Ramon Luis Nicolas, u will be amazed by what u see. It's not a great clip on youtube and the title seems to be in French but look for the word telephone. there's a clue to what happens. Lol.

1.) 24 Mar 2020
24 Mar 2020 16:22:47
Haha Bowe ,holyfield 2 had the parachute incident right?

2.) 24 Mar 2020
24 Mar 2020 17:57:08
Yeah lol the fan man. His name was James Miller, he landed in Bowes corner and was immediately beaten unconscious by Bowes corner men lol. Did u check that other fight out I mentioned mate? See what falls out of the boxers shorts?

3.) 24 Mar 2020
24 Mar 2020 18:41:43
I've not seen the whole fight but I did see it on a compilation video. I think it might have been a officehancho video.

There are a few funny ones like that, there was one which a boxers mother got up on the ring and started beating on the guy winning lol.

4.) 24 Mar 2020
24 Mar 2020 19:13:38
That happened in a Freddie mills fight I remember my dad telling me about it. Someone's mum got in and hit him over the back off the head with her high heel lol. Split him open. I've never seen it tbh just heard of it.

5.) 24 Mar 2020
24 Mar 2020 19:19:34
Might have been Brian london now thinking about it. Was either feddie mills or Brian london anyway.