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22 Mar 2020 12:01:24
Heavyweight super 6 type series, Lewis, Louis, Ali, Tyson, Foreman, Frazier. Who your two finalists and who's your winner? I'm going Ali vs Foreman with Ali winning it.

{Ed018's Note - Lewis vs Ali. Lewis wins. To big for Ali, would be able to control fight with his jab}

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22 Mar 2020 13:28:36
Lewis did have a great jab ed mate but personally I think when Ali was in his prime in the 60s his footwork and hand speed would have been too much for Lewis.

{Ed018's Note - possibly. I don’t doubt that I just think it would be hard for Ali to close the distance to land enough. But I’m not saying it’s a for gone conclusion that Lewis would win. Maybe 60/40 in my opinion}

22 Mar 2020 13:53:26
U new to this page ed mate?

{Ed018's Note - well I’ve been an editor for quite a while. I haven’t done a whole lot in the boxing page as I don’t think it gets much traffic but it’s a sport I follow closely and would like to contribute more on this page of posts are coming in}

22 mar 2020 16:12:34
happydays ed mate. u got an all time favourite boxer?

{Ed018's Note - that’s always a tough question. Tyson was the 1st fighter that drew me into following the sport. He was my favorite when I was growing up. Lewis is another one I like a lot, was always disappointed that him and Bowe never fought. But after going back and trying to watch old fights I’d say Hagler and Hearns are 2 of my all time favorites. Julian Jackson is up there as well.}

22 Mar 2020 16:47:47
Love watching the Hagler vs Hearns fight myself ed. Julian Jackson was a very exciting boxer who could really bang.

{Ed018's Note - what about yourself, who are some of your all time favorites}

22 Mar 2020 17:20:50
As a child I loved Tyson and Naz. I remember using slippers as gloves boxing my older brother I used to pretend to be naz stick my chin out and try and throw punches like him lol. Thinking back I used to love Steve Collins aswel. As I got older Mayweather became my favourite he got me really interested in the sport. Watching old fighters back I love watching Tony Zale especially his fight with Rocky Graziano. In more modern times I love watching Roy Jones Jr.

{Ed018's Note - Roy Jones was phenomenal in his prime. He should’ve retired much earlier, had nothing left to prove. There were a few fights out there I wish Mayweather would’ve had. I still wish him and Pacqiuao would’ve fought earlier.}

22 Mar 2020 18:00:46
Yeah mate Mayweather will always get that label of cherry picking opponents and maybe he did, but a lot of great fighters could be accused of that even the great Sugar Ray Robinson who refused to give Charley Burley a shot. The fight was pacman was a shame it didn't happen earlier could have been a different fight if it had. a lot of factors were behind that fight taking so long to happen mostly the issues of drug testing and 50/ 50 split.
I would go as far as to say a prime Roy Jones is prob the greatest fighter that ever lived. He was outstanding.

25 Mar 2020 01:14:06
I honestly don't see anyone but a clear Lewis winner from that. He's too big, too strong and too much of a chess player to lose against the other 5. Maybe you could make it a 16 man tournament world cup style to make it more interesting.

Speaking of Roy Jones, he was a heavyweight champion at one point too. Maybe we could do a smaller heavyweight competition that included heavweights under 6'0"?

25 Mar 2020 17:33:10
I don't really want to put Roy Jones Jr into a heavyweight competition because he only had the one fight and imo he wasnt at his best at heavyweight same with Tony although he had more fights he beat afew aging fighters but anyway I'll put them in for the craic. 8 man super 8 type series, heavyweights 6ft and under who's wins and who's your finalists? David Tua, James Tony, Mike Tyson, Joe Frazier, Roy Jones Jr, Rocky Marciano, Jersey Joe Walcott, Floyd Patterson.

I'm going Tyson vs Marciano with Tyson winning.

17 Mar 2020 20:47:41
Roger Mayweather has died.

He was only 58.

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17 Mar 2020 22:32:42
Sad news mate.

17 Mar 2020 22:42:17
I've just seen this on BT Sports boxing youtube channel. Very sad news, but at least he doesn't have to suffer any more. Rest in Peace.

17 Mar 2020 20:40:53
RIP Roger Mayweather 'the black mamba'.

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16 Mar 2020 19:48:11
Whos your favourite boxer of all time and why?

Mine is Floyd Mayweather Jr. The first time I seen Floyd fight was against Arturo Gatti in 2005. didn't watch the fight live tbh I didn't even know it was on. The next morning my brother said to me watch this boxer who was fighting last night. I knew who Gatti was and thought he was referring to him. But as I watched I realized he wasnt. I had never seen boxing like that b4 in my life. I was a casual boxing fan then. Used to watch Naz as a child and Tyson but that would have been that. After I seen Mayweather I couldn't read or watch enough of boxing. I wanted to know about every fighter not only in his division but in every division. I wanted to know the history of boxing and what great champions have gone b4. U could say watching mayweather that morning changed my life. Since then the sport of boxing has never been far from my thoughts. Now I would say I'm a hard core boxing fan who truly loves the sport.

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16 Mar 2020 21:16:47
Honestly, there have been so many great, entertaining and exceptionally talented Boxers out there. For raw excitement, I'd have to say Nigel Benn but for everything else I'd say Lennox Lewis

The man was just an absolute beast, head and shoulders above everyone else of that era. Plus he's got arguably the greatest revenge knock-out in the history of Boxing.

17 Mar 2020 11:20:57
Lewis was a good fighter. How u thing Lewis vs Fury would have went?

17 Mar 2020 13:32:59
I honestly don't know lol. Fury is so awkward and elusive when he's on the back foot and never been beaten. But Lennox only ever lost by 1 punch KO's and avenged his losses.

Lewis never fought anyone that big though, so there is that too.

17 Mar 2020 16:33:18
Personally I think Lewis would have beat him. He was a great all rounder, every part of his game was good if not excellent. He had a great jab and one punch knockout power. he's was very athletic aswel with great footwork. Could fight at distance or in the pocket. Henry Akinwande was 6ft 7ins and had a longer reach than Fury and Lewis beat him so I don't think the size would have troubled Lewis. I reckon Fury would be good enough to go the distance and make it a very competitive contest but Lewis to win all day on points for me.

17 Mar 2020 19:53:16
Lewis was always the heavier man in the ring though, with the exception of Michael Grant (by 3 lbs) . It's difficult to say how Lewis would have dealt with Fury at 273 lbs. Even with his plethora of skills and tactical adjustments, I struggle to find a definitive route for either to win without including the 'lucky punch' scenario.

I think you're right when you say that Lewis is good at just about everything. Even his chin was pretty solid despite the popular belief (watch the fight vs Mercer and tell me otherwise) . Before the Wilder 2 fight, I would have said Lewis walks through him either on points or via stoppage, but if you combine all of Fury's skills, then put his weight to 273 lbs and he still performs to that level (which he did), I have to be realistic and say it makes the question more debatable.

Is there anyone out there that you think can beat Mayweather? Naz or Leonard perhaps?
I think Naz would have posed some interesting questions, simply because of how unpredictable he was, he never had a pattern of movement, feints or punches.

17 Mar 2020 22:27:19
Yeah of course mate. a lot of fighters would have beat Mayweather, although imo he would have been a world champion in any era. A genuine hall of famer boxer.

17 Mar 2020 22:34:18
Floyd would have been too big for naz imo. Leonard is a different kettle of fish. Lol.

18 Mar 2020 07:10:37
Hagler vs Golovkin. Now that would have been a fight.

18 Mar 2020 11:59:23
Certainly would have. I'm picking Hagler to win possibly by knockout. I think GGG is too easy to hit.

18 Mar 2020 16:04:01
I don't know about knockout, but I wouldn't argue with Hagler getting the better of him. There are a lot of rumours about Golovkin, saying he's never been down, never been hurt, regularly spars heavyweights and has full on wars with them. Again, that's just rumours so how much of it is true I don't know, but there's seldom smoke without fire.

Hagler was a scary dude though, I remember seeing that footage of him running and screaming war before the Hearns fight lol.

15 Mar 2020 16:05:09
What do we make of this Tyson Fury news? About a farmer allegedly being offered £25,000 to say he sold Tyson uncastrated wild Boar meat, to cover up his failed test in 2015?

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15 Mar 2020 18:16:00
Its abit of a strange one. The way Frank Warren started off his statement by distancing himself from the whole affair would lead me to believe there's something in it. I'm actually reading Tyson Furys autobiography atm and he doesn't mention anything of Wild boar or contaminated meat, the whole period with UKAD and the ban only lasts two pages. Although fury did use the wild boar excuse in 2016 so u would think he would have mentioned it in his book and go into detail about it if he was innocent, instead he just sort of glosses over the whole thing.

16 Mar 2020 04:10:01
Interesting stuff, apparently this guy has tried to extort money from Frank Warren before.

16 Mar 2020 11:26:19
The guy is certainly looking money but that doesn't mean what he is saying isn't true mate. Speaking of Drug Cheats Jarmel Miller signed with Top Rank Promotions recently, it will make a mockery of Boxing when he renters the ring again. On other news did u hear Adrian Broner got lifted again? He going to cross the line some and go to jail for a very long time.

16 Mar 2020 15:23:29
Of course mate. Frank is allegedly a liar too, so his word isn't much good either.

16 Mar 2020 15:24:58
And it doesn't surprise me with Broner, the guy is a walking disaster.
I would say jail would do him good, but it wont.

13 Mar 2020 03:35:33
Michael Conlan's fight is to be held behind closed doors, due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

This is a slight dilemma. On one hand the fighters have been in camp and been preparing for this fight, they've spent money on their training camps and aren't at the stage in their career, where they won't feel it financially if the fight is cancelled.

On the otherhand, it's going to be difficult to watch live without the atmosphere of the crowd.

Difficult to decide whether fights should be called off or staged behind closed doors.

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13 Mar 2020 13:22:42
Ok now it's been cancelled. Fair enough, I hope the fighters get some kind of compensation.

13 Mar 2020 15:38:55
Expect a lot more fights to be cancelled mate. I think we won't have any boxing for afew months yet.

13 Mar 2020 15:41:10
Thats why canelo never announced the Billy joe fight.

13 Mar 2020 17:32:04
I think sports in general are done for this year, if this Covid-19 virus keeps it up.
Shame, as we had some big events coming up, like the Olympics and the Euros.

10 Mar 2020 11:54:50
Irish boxing promoter Barney Eastwood has sadly passed away. U might remember him from his time with Barry Mcguigan.

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10 Mar 2020 23:00:15
He was a remarkable man. He had a big part in bringing Ali to Dublin in '72. He'll be sorely missed.

09 Mar 2020 07:07:57
Helenius TKO's Adam Kownacki inside 4 rounds.

Pretty big upset that, fair play to Helenius.

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09 Mar 2020 10:43:30
Good win, what's the ref doing ruling that first knock down a slip? Lol.

09 Mar 2020 13:37:44
I know right? At least it didn't change the outcome of the fight.

08 Mar 2020 22:32:25
Quigg to retire now? I hope so, he has never left to prove. Was a good fighter and good champion, credit to the sport.

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09 Mar 2020 01:22:54
He was a good fighter, loads of heart, tough as nails and good punch power.

However. He will be remembered for that one ring walk he did. From his house to the venue, it was cringe lol.

09 Mar 2020 16:06:04
No, only you’ll remember him that way.

Most people will remember he was a world champion, who defended it a few times, and also lost a very close s/ d against an unbeaten Frampton, and broke an unbeaten Valdez’s jaw.

09 Mar 2020 16:33:12
Quigg confirms his retirement

05 Mar 2020 11:58:12
What do yous think of Dillian whyte vs Povetkin? I think it's an extremely risky fight for Whyte and don't can't see the reason for him taking it. He already has his mandatory WBC shot which will be on the line here, so he's in a lose lose situation. If he wins he's still in the same position he's in now and if he loses he's back to the drawing board. I believe some1 like Otto Wallin would have been a better choice for him. Eddie Hearn has said that his plan is for Dillian Whyte to fight for the title next but in another interview he says he has a plan in place for Fury to face Joshua next after the Wilder rubber match and Pulev fight, so there's no guarantee Whyte will get his shot even if he wins.
I do expect him to beat Povetkin though because I think the Russian is over the hill although imo it will be a close fight with both men getting off the ground and Whyte winning a split decision.

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05 Mar 2020 13:37:31
It's a massive risk for Whyte. Povetkin proved that he's still got some in the tank against Hunter, he's definitely on the slide though.

I can see Whyte stopping him late on, but can see him getting up off the canvas too.

The interesting thing is how respectful Whyte was in the presser. he's normally got some bite to him but he was full of praise this time around.

05 Mar 2020 14:19:44
It's not even good preparation for his title shot. Povetkin is 6ft 2, a lot smaller than the current champs and Wilder. I just don't see the point in Whyte taking this fight now.

05 Mar 2020 15:58:58
Credit to Whyte for taking the fight, he'll fight anyone and it's good for him to keep busy with some challenging fights instead of just waiting for his mandatory, he just needs to make sure he wins (and make sure he's in the best possible shape, not 20lbs overweight like he was against Wach) .

I agree that Povetkin is past his prime, but he'll still present a real danger. Can see it being a real head-on collision with two fighters who don't usually take a backwards step. I think Dillian will take greater control of the fight the longer it goes on and win a points decision. Povetkin will be really dangerous early on, but will gas out into the later rounds. Wouldn't be surprised to see the stoppage but can see a real 12-round barnstormer of a fight.

05 Mar 2020 16:19:56
Can say fair play to Whyte but why take this risk? It's not going to raise his popularity among causal fans and the educated boxing fans will say good win but Povetkin is 40 years old and well best his best so it's not going to improve his standings in the boxing world. He would get the same exposure and credit for fighting Otto Wallin who is still a name but a far less threat. Is he just fighting Povetkin for the sake of it? Once again its billed as a WBC final eliminator, just like the last 4 Dillian Whyte fights. I don't see the point.

06 Mar 2020 15:31:09
It'll raise his stock for sure. Povetkin has only been stopped by Joshua and he went toe to toe with Hunter (which I thought he lost) and got a draw.

The casual fans may not pay much mind to it, but everyone who follows boxing more than just the big fights, knows that is a really good name for his record, plus it's going to be a hell of a scrap. Dillian has said many times, that he doesn't like "easy" fights as he loses concentration.

We complain a lot about fighters not taking fights that would be entertaining, or fights that are a coin toss as to who will win. So why are we complaining when Whyte fights all these dangerous guys, that he arguably should be avoiding until he has a world title?
He's quite literally the only person in Heavyweight Boxing that is fighting everyone. Parker, Rivas, Povetkin and because of styles Chisora too.

06 Mar 2020 16:27:25
Will it really raise his stock? Beating a 40 year old who hasn't looked great in his last 5 fights. My point is that u can put whatever spin on it u want by that I mean, could say Wallin only beat by Tyson Fury so that would raise his stock just as much as a win over Povetkin will imo. Only way Whyte can win here is if he does a number on Povetkin and dismantles him. If it's close he leaves himself open for criticism.

I like Whyte don't get me wrong, but this is a business and he's taking a massive risk for little reward. That's say he beats Povetkin and Hearn gets his way next and Fury and Joshua fight end of the year, what does Whyte do then? Fight Wilder?

06 Mar 2020 18:57:37
Nah Wallin hadn't fought anyone else before Fury. Where as Povetkin is a seasoned pro with massive fights under his belt. Klitschko, AJ, Takam, Chagaev, Marco Huck. These are all high level opponents.

His last 5 opponents have been decent and he's looked pretty good in those fights too.
He put Price into another dimension.
Beat out of Hughie Fury and Christian Hammer.
Caused problems for AJ before being stopped.
Had a good 8 rounds vs Hunter then faded due to stamina.

I agree that Whyte should have had a title shot already, but what can he do when Wilder is holding the WBC belt hostage for 5 years? Eddie did everything he humanly could to get Wilder vs Whyte up and running, and they wanted nothing to do with him.
Wilder will retire after his 3rd (2nd official) loss to Fury, so he'll end up fighting someone like Ruiz, Miller or maybe even Ortiz.

In my opinion, Whyte is doing what all fighters should be doing. Fighting the best of the rest until the title shot comes to fruition. He could be taking fights like Allen, Price, Witherspoon, Washington, Martin etc but he doesn't want those fights. He wants to go to war and entertain his fans.

Who are we to say otherwise? Especially when we complain that no one ever fights anyone dangerous unless they physically have too.

06 Mar 2020 20:05:21
Lets look at whytes record hsf mate, Wach, Rivas, Chisora, parker, Browne, Helensis, Tann, Lewison, Allen, Bacurin. That's who he's fought since he lost to Joshua is that the best the heavyweight division has to offer? he's been made into a ppv fighter by fighting these fighters, gets offered title shots but turns them down. Povetkin will be the biggest name on his record by a mile but let's face it he hasn't looked good for afew years. He done ok against AJ but he got knocked out in 7 rounds, I like big pricey but c'mon mate, I don't rate Hughie fury and hunter either tbh.

06 Mar 2020 20:40:25
Hearn should be protecting his fighter better, instead of making another tough WBC eliminator he should tell whyte who has earned it, to look at the bigger prize.


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