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12 Jun 2020 13:16:52
What did yous think of the news from Fury and Joshua? I think Frank Warren is correct there's no new news here, it's two people saying if we fight want a rematch clause and want 50/ 50 split and they agreeing, that's it. Still a lot to sort out.

Over here a lot of the media attention has been on Daniel Kinahan, front page news in some of the newspapers. Imo that will be a major obstacle especially if the media stay with it. Was mentioned in the Irish Parliament yesterday.

I also think this means the end of Whytes title shot. Hearn can say Fury has a mandatory against Whyte but if Fury and Joshua both win around November December time, then everyone Hearn included will be shouting for the unification fight.

Whyte will have to step aside or might be made WBC champ and fury super champ u know what the WBC is like. Also think that Hearn broke the news to take some of the heat away from Joshua's racist speech the other day.

Backfired on AJ, reading a scripted speech then saying not my words but some of them were but not all of them lol. Stick to the boxing AJ mate.

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12 Jun 2020 14:06:43
I agree it's a mess right now.

This is the second time Joshua has been caught saying racially motivated things (remember his black superiority DM's on instagram? ) . Plus it didn't help that he was dressed up like a member of the black Panthers.

I've heard talk of Fury being made franchise champion if he's to fight AJ. Which i assume the WBC title will be made vacant and contested between Whyte (if he beats Povetkin) and either Wilder or Ortiz, probably Wilder.

12 Jun 2020 16:33:52
Eddie Hearn has said the following regarding Dillian Whyte's mandatory position.

From our point of view, Dillian Whyte is mandatory, and that mandatory is supposed to land before the end of February 2021," Hearn told Sky Sports News.

"We want Dillian Whyte to fight Tyson Fury as soon as possible, and if Wilder is not available for any reason then Dillian should step in and take that.

"I saw Bob Arum's comments about Tyson Fury becoming the 'Franchise' champion. We'd much rather that this was not for a 'Franchise' belt, this was for a WBC world title, and we want Dillian Whyte to get his shot at the world title.

"The point of Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua and the teams agreeing to the structure of that deal - that deal can happen, that first fight can happen at the end of next summer. It will be 2021, but there is a big period of time where Dillian Whyte should be getting his shot at the world title and that's important to us.
Skysports. com
So in theory, he's saying that the agreement for Fury vs Joshua is to take place in the summer of 2021, which means that Fury has ample time to fight Wilder and Whyte before he fights Joshua.

It looks like Hearn thinks Fury will fight Wilder before the years end (probably September/ October), then he'll fight Whyte in February or March then Joshua in July/ August.

12 Jun 2020 22:35:25
Wishful thinking mate. The main word Hearn said there is 'supposed'.
Boxing created this problem themselves by introducing so many different governing bodies. The franchise champion they have introduced just adds to that imo mate.

13 Jun 2020 11:38:32
No1 is really intrested in the Whyte fight mate even Hearn. I'm hearing possibly late Dec for Fury vs Wilder 3. If he wins and Joshua beats Pulev then public demand will be so strong that they will have to make the Fury vs AJ fight. Fury not fighting 3 times in one year.
Imo he will fight Wilder Dec time then fight AJ May time and the rematch about Dec time again. If Fury wins then I think he just walks away from the sport. I also think if Joshua loses he also walks away. Ultimately Whyte should have took the shot he was offered last year. Wouldn't be stuck in limbo now.

15 Jun 2020 14:55:45
I would agree with you on Fury not fighting 3 times in a year, but that was before the postponed fights and the virus. Fury probably had a plan outlined and I'd imagine, both he and the networks will want to get out as much as possible to generate lost income.

Also with Whyte now taking the WBC to court, I think Fury may be forced to fight 3 times.

15 Jun 2020 19:34:31
Cant see Fury being forced into anything mate. Nothing signed with AJ yet.

15 Jun 2020 19:41:32
Your right mate, make as much money as possible and to do that is to fight Joshua not Whyte.

15 Jun 2020 19:47:38
This is how the current problem is solved mate imo. Povetkin beats Whyte whenever they fight and that leaves the door open for Fury vs AJ after Wilder and Pulev. While Hearn gets another Whyte vs Povetkin rematch on ppv and winner fights winner of Fury vs AJ.

09 Jun 2020 20:43:16
Boxing back tonite stevenson vs carballo.

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06 Jun 2020 20:41:40
David haye vs holyfield at cruiserweight. I'm going haye to knock him. Only 2 fighters to be cruiserweight and heavyweight world champions.

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06 Jun 2020 20:44:28
Haye points sorry.

07 Jun 2020 18:20:10
Holyfield eats Haye alive. If the man can take punches from Lewis, Tyson and Bowe, he can take punches from Haye.

Haye was a hard hitter, but he never had a gas tank and was prone to injury from his late 20s onwards.

I'm not trying to say Haye is useless because he's not, but there are levels and you can teach what Holyfield had.

07 Jun 2020 22:23:56
Yeah think the beer was talking last night. Agree Holyfield would have won, would have been a good scrap though.

08 Jun 2020 11:54:27
Personally I think Haye was just as good a boxer and was the bigger punchers of the two, although Holyfield had so much energy, heart and his chin was made of steel. Early I think Holyfield wouldn't have mixed it with Haye, abit like what he done against George Foreman. As Haye got tired, I agree Holyfield would be too strong downt the stretch and that he would must prob stop Haye around 10.

04 Jun 2020 17:09:33
Hearn is pushing for Fury vs Whyte to go ahead.

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05 Jun 2020 11:34:02
Whyte is going to be busy with all these fights he's got lined up lol. Hearn blowing smoke he knows this won't happen and he wasnt even pushing for it until he heard that there was no chance of Fury vs AJ. don't know where they r going to hold this fight because no fans in uk and whyte is a nobody in the states. Better off fighting Ortiz or Breazeale in America far bigger name. Hearn talking rubbish imo mate.

05 Jun 2020 14:21:33
Whyte isn't a nobody in america, he's fought there before and he's been chasing Wilder for years.

The americans know who whyte is, just look at any recent video about Wilder from american youtubers. Whytes name keeps popping up and most of them say Wilder ducked him.

I think you are being a bit cynical with Hearn. Yeah he's a bellend but name a promoter in boxing who puts on a better show, or stacks undercards like be does.

Naturally he going to try for Fury vs Joshua, it's the biggest fight in boxing for the undisputed he title. If he didn't try to push that fight first I'd be worried for boxing.

05 Jun 2020 18:48:11
Wilder is back from injury and able to start training in July mate so that means he will be ready for the 3rd fight when it happens end of the year. So Hearn can say he's pushing for the Fury bs Whyte fight but he knows it's not going to happen.
American fight fans will know whyte but the public or causal fans over there won't a clue who he is. Fair play to Whyte though because at least he's willing to fight without fans.

29 May 2020 21:33:33
Do yous think if there was no Muhammad Ali that Frazier would be ranked top 5 of all time?

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29 May 2020 22:05:22
Sorry top 5 is silly. Not only Frazier but all the heavyweights back then, if no Ali, how much higher would they stand in the history of boxing?

29 May 2020 23:00:14
I honestly never understood why people rate Frazier so highly. He only ever really had 1 punch. Granted it was a bloody good one but still.

30 May 2020 11:58:22
Was about his heart and determination that makes a Frazier a great. Foreman said that he knocked the man down 6 times but what he was thinking was I can't believe he got up six times. He only lost 4 times twice to Foreman and twice to Ali, but if remembered mostly for his fights with Ali, but imo he was great pressure fighter with a massive heart. I think Ali overshadowed a lot of great fighters throughout history like Frazier, Foreman, Liston and Holmes but maybe without them Ali wouldn't be rememberd as fondly as he is.

30 May 2020 16:15:23
That's true. They do say that was the greatest era for hw boxing. Although me personally have a slight bias to the 90s.

29 May 2020 12:15:19
Deontay Wilder has public criticised Mike Tyson's Boxing resume and asked 'Who did he beat? '.


Oh this guy just gets better and better at being the worlds most delusional muppet.

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27 May 2020 23:14:41
Cus D'amato - Discover and Uncover Tribute

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28 May 2020 21:15:53
Got to be clever, got to be smart, and not get hit. What could Tyson have been if he lived longer. Could listen to him all night.

27 May 2020 07:58:00
They said this fight was boring. Lol.

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25 May 2020 21:47:10
At the time I laughed at this didn't notice how bad he was.

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26 May 2020 23:07:51
The problem with Fury back then, was how random he was with what he was saying. In the first fight build up, he did similar things. One minute he'd be insulting wlad, then 2 minutes later saying he's a legend and an all time great. So him being like this was kind of normal lol.

Looking back, if Fury had got in the ring for the rematch, he may have had an Oliver McCall moment, which would have finished his career completely at that point, then he would have killed himself.

25 May 2020 21:23:05
This is when he won the fight.

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